Athens English Comedy Club - Το 1ο Αγγλόφωνο κόμεντι κλαμπ στην Ελλάδα!


Όντας το πρώτο, και μοναδικό εξ'ολοκλήρου Αγγλόφωνο comedy club στην Ελλάδα, το Athens English Comedy Club παρουσιάζει Έλληνες και διεθνείς κωμικούς στην καρδιά της Αθήνας. Η πρεμιέρα του Athens English Cοmedy Club είναι την Κυριακή 1η Σεπτεμβρίου, με τους MC Hammersmith, Οδυσσέα Ürem, Άλεξ Τιτκώβ, και Χρύσα Κατσαρίνη!


Ο Άγγλος κωμικός MC Hammersmith (γνωστός επίσης ως Will Naameh) έρχεται στην Αθήνα μετά από 90 παραστάσεις στο φετινό διεθνές φεστιβάλ παραστατικών τεχνών, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Παράλληλα με μηνιαίες παραστάσεις στα Αγγλικά, το Athens English Comedy Club τρέχει open mic nights και workshops για όποιους θέλουν να δοκιμάσουν υλικό στα Αγγλικά.




The first, and only, purely English comedy club in Greece is a reality!

The Athens English Comedy Club opens its doors on Sunday September 1st!

The club presents local and international comedians, right in the heart of Athens. Here, you’ll discover visiting acts, alongside some of the finest established and brightest emerging acts of Greece’s comedy circuit.

The club hosts monthly stand-up comedy nights in English, alongside open mic nights and workshops for those keen to try out English material on stage.

The Athens English Comedy Club premieres on Sunday September 1st with MC Hammersmith, Odysseas Ürem, Alex Titkov, and Xrysa Katsarini!

MC Hammersmith, is joining us straight out of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, after 90 consecutive performances in the span of this year’s 24 day Fringe festival.

Xrysa Katsarini, Alex Titkov, and Odysseas Ürem are 3 of the finest Greek comedians, all regulars of the Athens comedy scene and the Athens Comedy Festival.

MC Hammersmith is a multi-award winning freestyle rap comedian. He performs improvised hip hop comedy based on audience suggestions. He is the world's leading gangsta rapper to ever emerge from the ghetto of middle class white west London. He is also known as Will Naameh, the tall posh skinny one from The Spontaneous Players and Men With Coconuts, two of the UK's leading improvised comedy troupes. In 2018, he won the Scottish Comedy Award for Best Newcomer. Now based in Edinburgh, he performs across the UK and has headlined at major comedy clubs internationally; highlight credits including Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain and the USA - including a sold out solo performance at the legendary Second City in Chicago.

Alex Titkov is a comedian and sociologist - "both of which I love, along with arguing with people. I wish I were a hunter gatherer, and challenge you to prove to me it wouldn't be worth it! ...Alex also enjoys speaking about myself in the first person." You've been warned - he's a sharp one!

Odysseas Ürem is a comedian, he "performs comedy in the form of jokes in a funny way making people laugh with their mouths."

Xrysa Katsarini has been performing comedy professionally since 2012. She has been a member of Athens’ Gazi Comedy Club since 2014, and in 2018 completed her first European tour (visiting Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, London, and Manchester). She has toured Greece with her solo show “My Precious” (Ότι πολυτιμότερο έχω), performing in more than 40 cities in 2019. Xrysa has performed in English internationally at comedy clubs in London, and Dublin’s historical Comedy Cellar.

The Athens English Comedy Club’s home is Eliart Theater, in typical comedy club style with a friendly atmosphere.

Date: Sunday September 1st

Time: 21:15 (Door open at 20:30)

Tickets: 15 // 12

Where: Eliart Theater, Konstantinoupoleos 127 (Kerameikos metro station)

The theater is wheelchair accessible

Reservations: 6987994689 // [email protected]

Group bookings available for groups of 5+

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Instagram: @athensenglishcomedyclub

Twitter: @Englishcomedygr